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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> shock in a local neighborhood after a woman turns up dead inside a home. his wife ell and prepare to head to trial on corruption charges. and some members of congress how to agreement on improve veterans healthcare.
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but we begin on storm watch. storms and rain expected to hit parts of our area tonight. we have been tracking it all evening and we will see what we can expect. strongest storms are pushing through frederick county, maryland. of very heavy rain and a lot of lightning associated with this. e will start with live superdoppler. top right corner total lightning 80 but rain stretches to the southwest pu through loudoun and fauquier and winchester and front royal and a lot of lightning. no severe thunderstorm warnings in effect at this point. in to the storm cells pushing through to the walkersville and urbana. i'm sure you are hearing heavy rain right now. the storm scan the wider view pockets of heavy
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storm in the mid-atlantic. the cold front is to the west ohio river ugh the valley and i will zoom out again because the boxes indicate where severe thunderstorm watches are in effect. and ve one in for northern with respect portions of the region and tornado watch in the box to the southwest including charlottesville and harrisbu harrisburg, virginia. the potential of seeing an isolated tornado. for the rest of us overall just thunderstorms overnight and temperatures in the 70's. lessrow turning breezy and humid and unseasonably cool temperatures. .ore on that coming up >> something to look forward to. severe weather turned deadly on the west coast. ightning struck 14 people in southern california killing one man. most of the victims were struck when a rare band of hit venice beach this afternoon. strong gton, kentucky,
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storms led to downed trees and lines. on one street a roof on a garage was ripped off and thrown into a yard.bor's no injuries were reported. s stay with us as we track the storms. watch app andtorm you can get the latest in alerts from us. eileen will have an update on storm's track in a few moments. we want to get to the new etails in the veterans affairs scandal. the chairman of the house and senate veterans affairs reached a tentative agreement on a plan to improve the health program. jeff miller and bernie sanders have a news conference tomorrow plan.k about the their bill is expected to authorize billions of dollars in spending. it would be used to lease new linics, hire more doctors and nurses and make it easier for care.ans to get outside
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the v.a. has been dealing with allegations of long patient wait records.d falsified to montgomery county now where a neighborhood woke up to a nightmare. swat officers stormed a home on hallmark court in gaithersburg to find a woman dead inside. police say they have a man in thisdy as they investigate as a homicide. what e a report from police are saying about the case. >> they have not released the ame of the victim or suspect because aware told investigators are having a tough time tracking kin. he next of we believe it is a couple and tonight they call it a domestic homicide. >> neighbors on the way to church sunday found an active their normally quiet community. multiple police tactical units ith weapons drawnment >> it is squary. hey asked us to go inside and stay inside and we were trying to find out what was happening. >> many police cars here. horn ere on the ball
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saying -- bull horn saying come out with your hands up. it many times. they said we are giving you 10 minutes. >> eventually think broke down home and found a 47-year-old woman dead. they are not saying how she died. he suspect phoned a minister who alerted police something was wrong. police said there was trouble at the home before. at least one time within the a t year we were here for domestic based dispute call. so many are still unanswered questions and neighbors are struggling to understand why. it is very tragic whatever feel for the ust family and whatever happened wasn't good. police say the suspect was not in the home at the time they arrived. he later phoned police and that knew where to go to arrest him. he is being questioned as part
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of the investigation. >> in the commonwealth tomorrow a big day in richmond. former virginiaovernor bob his wife head to trial on corruption charges. bureau chiefrginia is already there with a preview. we expect? > we can expect a lot of people, a large media contingent is gathering outside the federal getting in place ready for the trial to get going tomorrow morning at 10:00 which will begin with jury selection. we can expect a lot of commotion family mcdonnells and members walk inside the courthouse tomorrow. mcdonnell rnor bob and his wife face 14 federal charges alleging they accepted $165,000 in loans and gifts including private plane rides, rolex from johnny
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williams for helping promote his virginia.n defense attorneys arc the former governor never promised to help official nd took no state action on his behalf. that bob ngs suggest mcdonnell's lawyers will argue that maureen mcdonnell accepted williams without the governor's former knowledge. we talked to a proffer from school of law and he said the defense will call plenty of witnesses testifying moral character of mcdodge but the prosecution has a convincing case. i think that the evidence ere is very strong that mcdonnell was clearly aware of ignificant gifts, that mr. williams specifically wanted that would end up profiting him. >> as the professor said and many attorneys will tell you it is dangerous territory to try to guess what a jury will do.
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indications are that governor take the stand in his defense and maureen mcdonnell not likely to do so. this trial could get very personal. there are many details about the marriage, family, relationship with johnny williams could come and n court proceedings that is open to the public. this trial is expected to last five to six weeks. >> playing out eight months left office.ernor d.c. police need your help accused of n sexually assaulting a woman. the victim said she was walked 49th street northeast saturday when a man forced her to the back of a building and assaulted her. they have a vague description of the suspect. uber suspended a driver accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger. one week ago on rhode island avenue northwest. the man rested yesterday.
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a spokesperson for aoub are says he company is ready to assist authorities in any investigation. the man's wife says he did not do anything wrong. d.c.'s attorney general will seek a stay on a ruling that handgun d the city's carry law. yesterday a federal judge ruled a ban on carrying a gun outside is unconstitutional. a stay would put it on hold until the district considers to appeal. >> whether the city thinks it is idea the fact is it is absolutely the court's job enforce the uty to constitution and the court did. >> the supreme court ruled d.c.'s all out ban on handguns in 2008 and in 2011 a upheld theeals court requirement that handguns be registered. for its firstring monday rush hour at the silver new stations. it opened to the public yesterday and metro says from 3:00 sunday until
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morning more than 32,000 people five new exited the stations. we have everything you need to know ahead of your ride. out our silver hraoeuline guid at joining forces with a mayor who is truly walk.g the the amazing feat he completed in our area to support medicaid expansion. rightening moments in a econom comic-con event. a strange sight on one beach, a plane for
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>> a father was killed and his daughter seriously injured after crash-landed on a beach in florida. the pilot radioed that he was ot going to make it to the airport and was going to try to and on the hard packed sand of venice beach. say they were walking
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by. ntsb looking into it. rightening moments during the comic-con when a driver hit a woman. some of this is disturbing. is what happened. san diego police say the driver hearing his family, impaired family with the car aiting for people to walk by when he rolled forward and bystanders bunched his vehicle family and ing his forcing him to move forward again and a woman is struck. she is expected to be ok. the driver was cited. to the middle east now where israel and hamas continue even as both sides truces to end the fighting. spoke to obama benjamin netanyahu. and than 1,000 palestinians
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israelis have died. the united nations security a rare midnight meeting on the crisis. ukraine opments in satellite images show russia iring artillery across the border that ukraine. look at the highlighted squares. show blast marks where the rockets launched and crateers. the images were from last week t the same time ukrainian forces intensified attacks on separatists. to secure the as area around the flight 17 which unsecure 10 days after the crash. today european air safety fficials said information from one of the two black boxes point to a missile strike as the cause. believed that separatists shot down the plane killing all board.ople on doctors and aid workers are the atest victims are what health
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officials call the deadliest e-bola outbreak ever. missionary from north carolina and a doctor from texas in liberia.he virus one is said to be gravely ill other is responding to treatment. the other man who consulted for government a died as he prepared to visit his family. there is no medicine that will fight the virus. there is no vaccine to prevent it. hraoelie -- dehydrated. >> it has already killed nearly africa.est the current outbreak has a 60% mortality rate. a mayor from north carolina got a warm welcome in alexandria, virginia, today. adam o'neill walked nearly 300 miles from his town to the d.c. to push for medicaid expansion. alexandria was his first stop
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before reaching d.c. we've had a great trip. lot of it has been through rural virginia which is beautiful. it has been a blessing to do there but it has been a very trip.ult everybody involved even my mother who is driving the has >> thanks for the details. >> the alexandria city council medicaid expansion. thankfully the weather did work out earlier for a special event water. jummy olabanji served as emcee cause event in a southwest d.c. held by a group called quality trust. help people with developmental disabilities. the weather, it is not cooperating for some people to he west but for us it might be improving. >> fortunately for us the storms olled through a little later and it of since we didn't have the daytime heating they were sphere bevere.
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wider show you the picked and some heavy rain moving out of frederick and now carroll g to push into county and maryland and clipping the northern tip of montgomery county. widespread rain along i-81 over ridge back it front royal and a goodbye of lightning associated with the storms and rain beginning to push through loudoun, montgomery ounty and top side of the beltway. expect showers and thunder but largelyeather threat is reduced. that is good. e still have active watches in effect for counties here highlighted in pink to the north this watch in effect until 2:00 in the morning. tornado watch in yellow for rappahannock, page, counties rockingham in effect through 3:00 a.m. a be a little bit more of wind shear that could promote
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some tornadic development but be waning. n the 70's, 80 at reagan national and quantico and fredericksburg and a lot of so we expect here rain to be quite heavy at times. dew point temperatures in the 70's. but all of the storms associated with this strong cold front that drop our ically temperatures and humidity by the day tomorrow and even into tuesday. out of the e wind southwest between five to 10 miles an hour. breezy turn quite tomorrow as the actual cold front slides through. upper level low over the great lakes, the cold front extending from ohio back through the cky so overtight it will slide through nd tomorrow we will -- overnight it will slide through and cooler tomorrow and breezy through.onfront slides the active watches extend from pennsylvania back through western maryland and the tornado
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extends all the way back through kentucky as this is the may be t i think there -- in fact looking at the last graphic it looks like the has nal weather service since canceled the severe thunderstorm watch which doesn't surprise me. by tomorrow morning getting up, off with partly cloudy skies, breezy and pretty warm help it erly wind to warm into the upper 80's. a few sprinkles not out of the isolated maybe an thundershower but no threat for severe weather. monday into tuesday we will see that really dry air work its way in. besides a few scattered showers overnight looking much better for tomorrow. 84 to 89. breezy and by tuesday upper 70's lower 80's and we will stay in this cooler than average temperature trend the middle of week. >> next week it has been less han a week since redskins have
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been at training camp but that s enough time for them to do a little bit. >> take a little time off. camp break training and the nationals look to hold camp break training and the nationals look to hold their le[ horns honking ] people are so impatient, right? you know what it is? it's waiting. 10 minutes or 10 hours, people don't like wawaiting. you know, at comcast, we don't want you to wait at all.
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>> now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local dealers. a jay gruden giving the team break. one practice tomorrow in the morning so if you are thinking f going to richmond tomorrow afternoon don't. after tomorrow morning they won't practice again until wednesday. third straight full practice day in pads. something mike shanahan didn't in the do until later training camp. graduate wants them to be more starting campe is by pacing these guys. so tomorrow it will be one practice in the morning. dinner and ave probably give them off that
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night to get away from everybody. been a grinding around the guys 18 hours in a day i want them out of the building a and gets and enjoy them a nice different were and be alert on wednesday. the obably a good sign for rest of the season when the ace of the nationals staff is the nly starting pitcher with a losing record. stephen strasburg is 7-8. it is the nationals' pitching a lot ems to be winning of games. six of the last eight and they a game and aace by half. facing the reds. bryce harper in the fourth ramone sa santiago going back and gymnastics impression. they take the lead and adam la to left and denard span and anthony rondon will score 3-0 washington. doug fister goes seven and gets some defensive help. monrendon.
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stop.g fats -- nationals win 4-2. go deep and there been a hick kuhn -- hiccup or two. score a couple of runs and they give us the opportunity to do they go that is comforting. >> orioles and mariners tied and manny machado the batter. center mes jones the fielder reminiscent of the great willie mays catch. orioles win. it has been over 20 years since won a super ast bowl title but another washington professional team is arrying the d.c. championship banner the warshington castles f world team tennis. hingis martin that
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playing doubles. great placement. here comes match point and this it. they will put away with the slam were the world team tennis championship over springfield, missouri to win the largest trophy in the history of sports. fourth title in a row and five in six years. nascar brickyard 400 at indianapolis. jeff gordon and getting past kasey kahne. winning his and fifth at the brickyard and 20th of his first there. he gets to kiss the bricks at the finish line. again.ystics winning this afternoon against atlanta. vory latta with a big game, 21 points and she was 7-13 from the field. win 77-67. they have within four in a row of the have won six last seven. fanatic.
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just home after service in southwest asia. reunion at a nal sporting event. dropped out of the city open tennis tournament. won't play.flu and the winner's runner-up will out. lebron james says he will wear 23 like he did with the cavs and economy boon for the because the jerseys are already on sale. lebron t-shirt at $26.95. >> coming up the weekend box office. flocked to seers
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>> perhaps this is proof people don't listen to critics. "lucy" ews didn't keep from topping the box office at number one making $44 million. hercules with dwayne johnson was second followed by dawn of the of the apes, purge, aanarchy and planes, fire and rescue. some bad movies there.
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>> what storms we can expect starting to make its way into the area. the region but steer eather threat -- the severe weather thunderstorm watch i was telling you about has been canceled. so, just some showers and thunderstorms but nothing severe. breezy.w still warm but a slight chance of a passing shower. otherwise the cool air gets in even a little d bit milder by the middle and end of the week but really comfortable. so, hopefully you are ready for some refreshing humidity because on the >> stay with us. e will continue to track the storms and have more news
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